Sony a7RIII vs a7RII Hands On Review

Sony’s a7RII took the full frame mirrorless market by storm just a few years ago with killer specs, compact design, and unparalleled image quality. With the introduction of the a7RIII, that storm will likely turn destructive to the competition in remarkable ways. But with the same 42MP image sensor, 4k video, and almost identical looking body, it’s easy to feel like this seemingly minor update is less than the DSLR killer. But after shooting with the new Sony a7RIII side by side with the a7RII, I can attest that this is way more than a minor update.

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Sony A6500 Review - More Awesome

The Sony a6500 is a faster and more stable version of the Sony A6300 with probably the best image quality and features of any camera in the world. But sometimes a camera needs more than just an awesome spec list so let's take a look at the Sony Alpha A6500 Mirrorless Camera Review

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Nikon D7500 Hands On Review

When the Nikon D7500 was first announced, I had a bit of mixed feelings. There were some amazing new specs and the promise of great image quality most of which were inherited from the D500, but Nikon had pulled some of the features that made the Nikon D7200 such an amazing new camera. While I’m still not thrilled about the lack of dual cards for example, for the most part I’m accepting the change so let’s check out this new camera, the image quality, features, and compare it to the growing competition.

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Panasonic GH5 Review

The spec list on the Panasonic GH5 is absolutely ridiculous with 4k @ 60P, 1080p @ 180fps, 10 bit, unlimited recording, and so much more. It brings professional video features to a compact mirrorless camera that takes up less bag space than your average DSLR. But despite it's unassuming looks, it packs an unbeatable punch. So let’s go in-depth after some wedding filmmaking to see if the GH5 really is the ultimate video camera.

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The Best and Worst Cameras of 2016 with Max Yuryev

The Best and Worst Cameras of 2016 with Max Yuryev and a full look at the gear we use. There have been some awesome cameras on the market for 2016 and we go over our favorites from all the best and worst DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. Stay tuned for the end where we show off the gear we own and what we use for both photography and video. Check out the full video after the break

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Sony A9 Review - A First Look At Sony's Newest Flagship

The Sony A9 is official and ready for a grand entrance with some stunning specifications meant to challenge Canon’s 1DX II and Nikon’s D5 with a 24mp sensor, 20fps burst rate with autofocus and AE, and 693 Phase detection AF points covering 93% of the frame. And on paper, it certainly does. But as we often find with Sony cameras, you need way more than a spec sheet to get a clear understanding of the Sony A9 and this camera is no exception. 

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Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6: B&H |   Adorama     

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Sony a6300 Review - Frustratingly Awesome

Sony A6300 Review - An amazing mirrorless camera for photographers and videographers with a couple of kinks. No camera is perfect but the Sony A6300 on paper definitely comes close with a 24MP sensor, 425 AF points with great coverage, 11fps shooting, 4k video with focus peaking, slog-3, and a host of other video and photo features with tons of customization. So let's see how this amazing camera on paper performs in the real world in this Sony A6300 Review.

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Sony A99II Review - Look Out World

The Sony A99II absolutely has my favorite spec list of all time. While using one of the most amazing full frame 42mp sensors on the market today from the A7RII, the A99II is still able to maintain 12fps with full AF and AE. Combined with a Hybrid AF system with 399 on sensor AF points paired with a traditional 79 point dedicated AF sensor and 5 axis in body image stabilization, the results are unparalleled by any other competing system. In true Sony fashion, videographers are never left to the curb since the A99II has 4k recording at up to 30fps, 1080p at 120fps, log recording, focus peaking, my favorite tilt screen mechanism, and a host of other features. If we just stopped there, the A99II would be the greatest camera of all time. But there is always more to the story so let’s dive a bit deeper with this Sony A99II Review Purchase: B&H Photo | Adorama | Amazon
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Canon 80D Hands On Review and Test

We waited almost 3 years and the Canon 80D has just been released with new features, a new 24MP sensor, enhanced autofocus, and better build quality. But with new competition from the Sony a6300 in addition to the Nikon D7200, Canon definitely needs to deliver with an awesome new camera body. So let's see if this new Canon 80D DSLR has what it takes. Check out all of the details and the full video review after the break.

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