Sony Alpha A7RII Review

This has probably been the most excited I have been about a camera in quite a few years and for a good reason, Sony pulled out all the stops and threw everything plus the kitchen sink in this camera. I don't care what you shoot and who you shoot it for, you need the a7R II in your bag. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook & twitter to follow the latest info on this camera and others. As usual, I always appreciate your support by using the links below when making your purchases and helping me keep the lights on. So enough with the housekeeping and let's see what this camera is capable of.

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Sony RX100 IV Hands On Review

4k video and a 1" 20MP BSI sensor in your back pocket? I go hands on with the new Sony RX100 Mark IV to see if this $950 camera can deliver where it counts. Sony stuffed quite a bit into this (almost) pocket size camera without cutting corners, especially on the video side of things where you will find their new codec with 4k recording up to 100Mbps and even s-log2. Check out and download the full resolution RAW and JPEG files after the break.

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Canon 7D Mark II Preview

At last the 7D Mark II is here after years of waiting. So lets take a look at some of the new features & abilities and how they might help you. As an owner of the original 7D as well as the 70D and 5D Mark III, the new 7D Mark II brings many of the features of these other cameras to a new design. This could very well be the best camera available for wildlife and sports photographers.
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Samsung NX1 Review

On paper, it’s hard to argue with the NX1. With a 28MP APS-C sensor, 15fps, 4k video, and 205 AF points, it really looks like a camera begging for attention. But Samsung is new to this market segment so there is plenty of room for skepticism. So for the past month I have been putting this camera to the test to see if it can really deliver on what I would call a stunning spec sheet for the asking price of $1500.
Check out the full review and video review past the break.

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Samsung NX1 - $1499
Samsung NX1 w/16-50mm f2-2.8 Lens 
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Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark III Review - The 5D has met its match


Both the A7s and 5D are a combination of photography and video cameras, but Sony definitively launched the A7s to appeal more to video while the 5D is still largely a photographer's camera. So in one sense it’s a bit unfair to go with this comparison because the 5D Mark III is a phenomenal still camera and is definitely the camera I’ll take for my wedding photography jobs, that said, there are quite a few videographers using the 5D Mark III for video, including me and so this comparison is for us.



Sony A7s -             B&H  |  Adorama  |  Amazon

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Panasonic GH4 vs Sony A7s Review - 4K vs ISO


Two brand new video cameras with different strengths going head to head is always a ton of fun. Not quite as fun as having to make the decision of which one of these cameras to purchase. We all know by now that nothing beats the A7s in low light and the 4k in camera shooting of the GH4 definitely has it’s advantages. So which one of these cameras should take its place in your camera bag, let’s find out in this review.



Sony A7s -             B&H  |  Adorama  |  Amazon

Panasonic GH4 -     B&H  |  Adorama  |  Amazon

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Canon 7D Mark II Review

Dan Watson
It might have taken 4 years but the Canon 7D Mark 2 is now here and comes with a ton of new features and abilities. With 10fps shooting, a 65pt all cross type focus system, fully weather sealed body, and dual card slots, the Canon 7D mkii looks more like a professional camera than ever before. So let's take a look and see if Canon has developed a winning formula. Check out the full review and download the RAW files past the break.

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Canon 7D Mark II Body:    B&H Photo   |   Amazon
Canon 7D Mark II Kit:       B&H Photo   |   Amazon

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Sony A7s Review - Not just a one trick pony


The Sony A7s brings the awesome capabilities of the original A7 and combines them with a new 12mp sensor making it a low light king, a ton of video features such as zebras and peaking, and records it all internally at up to 60fps @ 1080p internally or 4k and 30fps using an external recorder through the HDMI port. But is that enough to keep it alive as the competition increases in this video segment? Check out the full review after the break.


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