Sony a7R III First Impressions

Sony’s new a7R III is a crazy example at how quickly this company is innovating. Just 6 months after the legendary a9 (check out the a9 review!), we have a completely redesigned full frame camera with an impressive spec list and a host of improvements. But not everything here is new and this short release cycle leaves a few minor items untouched.

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Nikon D850 Announced

The Nikon D850 is now official after quite a bit of anticipation following a development announcement just a few short weeks ago. Thankfully, Nikon has not disappointed and the new D850 houses some of the best specifications and features of any modern camera. Check out the full info after the break.

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Canon 6D Mark II Announced - First Impressions

Canon has just announced a successor to the popular Canon 6D, a more consumer driven high end full frame DSLR. With a body that looks almost identical to the Canon 80D and a familiar feature set, Canon’s new highlight feature is the new full frame 26MP sensor that is hopefully an improvement from current sensor technology. The 6D Mark II does benefit from Canon’s newest Digic 7 processor and features such as digital image stabilization & Bluetooth first seen in the Canon T7i and 77D. Thankfully the 6D Mark II does inherit a few improvements from the higher end 5D Mark IV including dust and water resistance and gps.
The Canon 6D is currently up for preorder to begin shipping late July 2017 at a price of $1999

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More info and first impressions after the break!

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Nikon D7500 Announced with 4k & Touch Screen

Nikon has just announced the new Nikon D7500 filled with all the latest features and many of the abilities from the Nikon D500. With a 20mp sensor including the same EXPEED 5 image processor from the D500, expect incredible low light performance with a maximum ISO of 51,200 at a fast 8fps and up to 50 images at 14 bit RAW. 

Video shooters will also be extremely pleased with included 4k internal recording up to 30fps with a full pixel readout, clean HDMI out, mic and headphone jack, and that tilting touch screen for quick focus changes. Video is also available in both MP4 and MOV formats.
Unfortunately it's not all good news with several features stripped from the D7200 so check out the details after the break. 

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Adobe Lightroom 2015.10 Updated with M6, T7i, & 77D Support

Adobe has released an update today adding full RAW support for Canon's newest cameras including the EOS Rebel T7i, EOS 77D, and the EOS M6 as well as the Pentax KP. New lens profiles have also been added for a variety of lenses. A handful of bugs were also corrected. These updates are available for the newest Lightroom CC and you should be able to download immediately. Also, check out our recent comparison of the Canon T7i and 77D to see which new DSLR might be best for you!
Source: LR

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Western Digital Announces New Portable SSD External HD

SSD drives offer insanly high speed rates and much greater protection from shock and drops so it only makes sense to pick up some external high speed SSD drives for storing important files and for using as working drives. I have personally been using the Samsung T3 series to allow me to edit video projects from my laptop on a drive the size of a thick credit card. These drives easily handle the speeds needed for 4k video editing and keep my data secured. Well now Western Digital wants in and I am stoked. Check out more information after the break.

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Sigma Introduces 4 New Professional Lenses for Canon & Nikon

Sigma has just released 4 new professional lenses. All will be compatible with Sigma Optimization Pro software and the Sigma USB dock for updating the lenses and configuration. They are also announced with availability for Canon EF, Nikon, and Sigma mounts. Sony users can utilize the Sigma MC-11 Sony E mount converter to use the Canon EF version for Sony E mount cameras. Currently there has been no announcement for Sony A mount systems. Pre-orders, timelines, cost and more information is on the way so check back soon and check out the details past the break.

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Canon Announces the T7i, EOS M6, and 77D Cameras

Canon is having a rather big day today with the introduction of 3 new cameras. The new Mirrorless EOS M6 will probably be the star of the show bringing the most features to an incredibly small package. Both the Canon T7i and 77D DSLRs offer almost the same feature set with different body styles. Notably absent from these 3 new cameras is 4k video recording which both Sony and Panasonic have been pushing even in their entry lines. Look for these new cameras to begin delivery on March 30th.

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Tamron Introduces 70-200 F2.8 VC and 10-24mm Lenses

Tamron has just announced 2 new lenses to the lineup, a Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 VC and 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 VC for APS-C lenses. These lenses bring updated construction with moisture resistance, new elements for reducing glare and ghosting, and high speed motors with near silent autofocus. Check out all the details after the break.

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Panasonic GH5 Announced

In what has to be the worst kept secret, the Panasonic GH5 has officially been unwrapped confirming everything we already knew. The biggest new features include a new 5 axis image stabilization system, 4k video at up to 60fps, 10 bit 4.2.2 recording, and a new 20MP sensor promising better performance. But this list of improvements for this one goes on forever so head past the break for all the details.

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Dji Mavic Pro Announced

Not to be outdone by the recent GoPro Karma, Dji has announced a new Drone called the DJI Mavic Pro featuring a built in 4k camera, foldable design, and new automated follow functions. To top things off, DJI is claiming this is one of the most sophisticated flying cameras with 24 computing cores, 5 vision sensors, and a 4.3 mile range. Battery life is pegged at a class leading 27 minutes so this is definitely a drone to look forward to.

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Panasonic G85 Mirrorless Camera Announced

The Panasonic G85 takes off from where the G7 began resulting in an awesome camera option under $1000. The new camera keeps the 16MP micro 4/3 sensor and 4k video but adds weather sealing, new DFD AF system (contrast only), 5 Axis in body image stabilization, and 10fps shooting. As an owner of the current Panasonic G7, I can say that this is one of the most versatile cameras around. It has almost every spec  I could ask for, solid ergonomics, and a reasonable price with many lens options. If you are looking for a great B camera for a more powerful system or a very capable all around shooter for under $1000, the G85 should definitely be on your buy list.

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