5 Camera Hacks For Creative Photos & Videos

These are 5 hacks I use all the time for more creative photos and videos. Whether you need to remove or draw focus away from distracting objects, or just want to enhance and get more creative with your images, these 5 things can be used with any camera and lens to make some fun, interesting, and dynamic photos and videos.

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Metabones T Smart IV vs Fotodiox Canon EF adapter on the Sony A6300


These are my 2 favorite Sony E mount to Canon EF mount adapters so I wanted to put them head to head to see which one is the best for the new Sony A6300 and to test autofocus performance with each adapter. Check out the results in the video after the break!

Amazon:  Fotodiox   
B&H Photo:  Metabones Mark IV  |  Fotodiox   

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Review - A New Standard for Drones

While drone sales have been increasing at breathtaking speeds, DJI has been one of the few manufactures setting the standard for quality in both drone technology and camera image quality for these aerial UAVs. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro does exactly that with a new camera boasting a larger 1” 20MP sensor capable of 4k video at up to 60fps! But the Phantom 4 Pro is more than just a camera upgrade with a host of new sensors, longer maximum range & flight time, new autonomous mode, speed increase, and more. So let’s take a look at DJI’s newest drone option.

Rent - You can rent to tryout this amazing drone as well as other drones, cameras, lenses, and more at Lumoid.com | Use coupon code “learningcameras15” to receive 15% off your order!

Purchase - Phantom 4 PRO | Phantom 4 PRO Plus  

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Aputure VS 2 and VS 2 Fine HD Monitor Reviews - Yes, you want one

The Aputure VS-2 and VS-2 HD bring professional quality to a price point everyone can afford. It's the first budget conscious monitor that didn't leave me wishing I had more. With false colors, focus peaking, 1080p HD Display and way more, the VS-2 and VS-2 Fine HD bring a ton of features to the table so check out the full review after the break for the details

Purchase these at B&H
Aputure      VS-2    |    VS-2 Fine HD 

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Zhiyun Crane Gimbal Review - My Favorite 3-Axis Stabilizer

Gimbals have been a pretty frustrating experience for me thus far. I have tried everything from the higher end DJI Ronin M to cheaper $500 models and I just haven’t found anything that I loved. I absolutely was a huge fan of the smooth motion they were able to provide, but the setup, construction, ergonomics, weight, and other issues seemed to just be a thorn in my side. Now enter the Zhiyun Crane, a portable, powerful, well built, and easy to use 3 axis stabilization system that costs less than $650! To me, this is a game changer.

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DJI Osmo Review

With the Osmo, DJI took its X3 camera system and integrated it into a 3 axis gimbal on a handle. It retails for $650 including the camera with a ton of available accessories such as bike mounts, accessory arms, nd filters and a ton more. The links to purchase are listed below and B&H currently has the camera listed below retail so definitely check them out and the full review after the break.

Purchase the DJI Osmo at: B&H Photo  

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DaVarg Harnez Leather Strap Review - Where style and quality meet

If you are looking for some high quality leather straps for your cameras, check out these 3 Harnez models by DaVarg Leather Co. These full grain leather straps with solid brass hardware are designed to last a lifetime. You can purchase these straps:

Wrist Strap Harnez NO. 203: http://davarg.com/pages/harnez
Small Neck Strap Harnez No 211: http://davarg.com/pages/harnez
Large Neck Strap Harnez No 215: http://davarg.com/pages/harnez

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3pod Orbit Tripod Review - Awesome tripod with a killer secret feature


The 3Pod Orbit tripod is probably the coolest tripod I've ever used. With a telescoping center, this tripod has so many uses up its sleeve. In addition, the quality and fit & finish seemed top notch. It's available in both aluminum and as a carbon fiber tripod so check out this tripod review for details.

Purchase: 3POD Orbit    

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Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w LED Light Review

An LED Light Panel with a CRI over 95, Metal build, and a feature set that will satisfy the pros are tough to find. Finding one 22mm thick at under $500 was impossible, until now. But perfection on a budget is a heck of a goal so check out the Lightstorm LS 1/2w review for a full breakdown on how this light performed. Check out the full review after the break.

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