Top 5 Posts of 2015

It's the end of the year so let's take a minute to reflect on the stories you clicked on the most. It may have been an incremental year for many camera manufactures but there were a few headturners got us interested. So these are the top 5 articles from 2015. 

5. DJI Osmo 
This one surprised me quite a bit. Not only was the Osmo only just released, the article did not even contain the full review (still working on it)! The Osmo was definitely a cool concept, got quite a bit of attention, and you will have to wait for the final review for my thoughts. Either way, having a 4k video camera on top of a stabilized rig, light enough to handhold for long periods of time, and portable enough to fit in the smallest of bags can't be a bad thing, right? 


4. Sony RX10 II 
The Sony RX10 II was a tough review for me. It's certainly a capable camera loaded with all the latest features and specs, it shot 4k video and some awesome slow motion, and the flexible zoom range made it very travel friendly. That said the smaller 1" sensor and high price kept it from hitting the amazing category I hoped it would. Either way the killer feature set and video quality yielded some great shots so check out the review.  

3. Canon 5Ds vs Sony A7RII
This was another tough comparison for me. Sure, they might be very different cameras in quite a few ways but they are really the best camera each manufacture had to offer. But while Sony took the gloves off and threw every feature (including advanced video options) in their A7RII, the 5Ds took Canon's tried and true (but aging) 5D Mark III and swapped it out for a higher resolution sensor. Sure, there were some small additional features, but they were combined with some missing features in the video department. Either way it was a fun comparison, both cameras performed extremely well, but one of them left a smirk on my face way more than the other. Check out the article to find out which one

2. Samsung NX1   
Sure, the camera technically arrived in 2014, but the review didn't air until 2015 resulting in the NX1 making another best of showing. Honestly, the NX1 was probably my favorite camera of all time. Sure, there were better quality more expensive cameras that left their mark (see #3) but the NX1 just had a feel about it that made everything seem perfect, especially given the price. The menu was great, the features were amazing, the quality was the best I had seen from an APS-C camera, and the video features and quality were among the best in any price point. The body felt great in the hand, offered plenty of customization, and no matter if I was going to shoot photographs or video (or both), the NX1 simply never let me down. I can only hope that Samsung has a bright future for this camera line and you will too after watching the Samsung NX1 Review.

1. Sony A7RII Review 
I doubt anyone is surprised at this number 1 spot but again, the A7RII comes out on top. The A7 series has been improved by Sony at a record pace and went from a cool concept with few lens options to the best camera of 2015 in under 2 short years. The camera is impressive in every way no matter how you look at it. With image quality that can rival Medium format cameras and video quality and features that make any videographer jealous, The A7RII will put a smile on just about anyone's face. I'm sure you have already checked it out but in case you wanted another look at this camera of the year, check out the full Sony A7RII Review complete with RAW and JPEG files for you downloading pleasure. 


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