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Black Friday is barely over but Cyber Monday is bringing new deals and some awesome ones I might add. If you are looking for a Camera especially, today is your lucky day. Here are my favorites from only the gear that I recommend. Please support us by making your purchases using the links below and shopping at B&H, Adorama, Amazon, and BestBuy. Thanks and good luck getting some killer deals! We will be updating throughout the day so check back in case we find some new deals on great gear. 

Nikon D7100 Body $897 -   B&H   |   Adorama   |   Amazon  
Nikon D7100 w/Lens kit $997 -  B&H  |   Adorama
Canon 70D Body - $999 -  B&H   |   Amazon  
Nikon D610 Body - $1597  -  B&H  |   Amazon  
Sony A7 -   $1299  -  B&H   |   Amazon  
Canon T5 w/Lens Kit - $449  -  B&H  |  Amazon  
Nikon D5300 Body - $599  |  Amazon  
Nikon D3300 w/Lens Kit - $499  |  Amazon
Nikon Coolpix A - $499  |  B&H    
Fuji x100s - $849   |   B&H  
Canon 6D + Printer - $1249 w/mail in rebate  |  B&H  |   Adorama 
Canon 6D + Printer w/Lens Kit - $1849 w/mail in rebate  |  B&H   |   Adorama
Canon 5D Mark III Body + Printer $2749 w/mail in rebate |  Adorama
Canon 5D Mark III w/Lens Kit + Printer $3349 w/mail in rebate   |   Adorama 

If you don't mind mail in rebates, there are some great deals on most Canon lenses: B&H 
Many Nikon lenses are on sale as well with instant savings: B&H  

Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements 13 $79  |  B&H  



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