Learning Cameras' reviews are designed to be informative and interesting more than anything else. Camera reviews are created in a way to best test out equipment and put it through every test we can think of. Lenses are reviewed using methods designed to test the performance and consistency of every piece of glass. DSLR Camera and Lens reviews are a vital part to ensuring that you aquire the equipment that is right for you saving you time and money.

DJI Ronin M Review - Almost Changes Everything

Fluid, Stable video for under $1400 is now possible. But it isn’t all perfect so let’s take a closer look at the DJI Ronin M with this Review to see if this Gimbal Stabilizer is the tool you need. While DJI has previous experience with the original Ronin, the Ronin M is very much a new product with several innovative design elements bringing light weight and cost savings to a growing market segment. But it's not quite a home run 

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DJI Ronin M - $1399  

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LG G4 Review

Check out a full review of the LG G4 + an in-depth look at the unbelievable camera. We take a look at RAW performance, manual options, low light tests, and the overall phone because...I guess it is still a phone. There is no debating that this is probably the best camera in any phone on the market today. But do you really need RAW images and other options? Lets put the LG G4 to the test and find out. 

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Varavon Armor II Camera Cage Review - Samsung NX1

The Varavon Armor II Camera Cage allow for easy mounting of accessories and more stable handheld use. Check it out as we review this Camera Cage on the Samsung NX1. The Varavon Armor Cage is also available for the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7s and is perfect for videographers and cinematographers alike.
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Samsung NX1 
Panasonic GH4 
Sony A7S 

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Samsung NX1 Review

On paper, it’s hard to argue with the NX1. With a 28MP APS-C sensor, 15fps, 4k video, and 205 AF points, it really looks like a camera begging for attention. But Samsung is new to this market segment so there is plenty of room for skepticism. So for the past month I have been putting this camera to the test to see if it can really deliver on what I would call a stunning spec sheet for the asking price of $1500.
Check out the full review and video review past the break.

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Samsung NX1 - $1499
Samsung NX1 w/16-50mm f2-2.8 Lens 
Also available at Adorama & Amazon  

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Panasonic LX100 Hands On Review

Dan Watson
There is no question that the LX100 caused a bit of a stir when it was first announced with a slew of new features and technologies, especially for this form factor. With a small-ish body, a wide aperture f1.7-2.8 lens, and features such as 4k video, a multiaspect ratio sensor and up to 40fps with the electronic shutter. But even with all these features and technologies in playthe Panasonic LX100 deliver where it counts? Check out the full review past the break.

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Panasonic LX100:    B&H Photo   |    Amazon 

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Canon 7D Mark II Review

Dan Watson
It might have taken 4 years but the Canon 7D Mark 2 is now here and comes with a ton of new features and abilities. With 10fps shooting, a 65pt all cross type focus system, fully weather sealed body, and dual card slots, the Canon 7D mkii looks more like a professional camera than ever before. So let's take a look and see if Canon has developed a winning formula. Check out the full review and download the RAW files past the break.

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Canon 7D Mark II Body:    B&H Photo   |   Amazon
Canon 7D Mark II Kit:       B&H Photo   |   Amazon

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Canon 7D Mark II Preview

At last the 7D Mark II is here after years of waiting. So lets take a look at some of the new features & abilities and how they might help you. As an owner of the original 7D as well as the 70D and 5D Mark III, the new 7D Mark II brings many of the features of these other cameras to a new design. This could very well be the best camera available for wildlife and sports photographers.
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Body Only :   B&H   |   Adorama   |   Amazon
w/18-135mm kit lens :    B&H   |   Adorama   |   Amazon

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