Control Almost Any DSLR Remotely with Unleashed

Unleashed by Foolography is a DSLR wireless remote that controls almost every aspect of your camera over low power bluetooth from your smartphone. Bluetooth control offers more of a plug and play operation than wifi used in most cameras and allows you to control functions often restricted even from wifi equipped cameras. As of this writing the Unleashed has surpassed its kickstarter $67,000 goal with 23 days to go so get on board fast.

Some really nice features are the included advance intervalometer, ability to control multiple cameras, start and stop for videos, you never have to charge it, and you even get a photo preview to verify exposure. While I would highly recommend it to anyone that does not have a wifi equipped camera, the Unleashed looks like it could be a great accessory even for those that do. Wifi pairing often takes longer and restricts your ability to also connect to other wifi networks. It also requires constant pairing and manufactures often restrict access to certain camera functions from inside the app. Also, many cameras are missing intervalometers for time laps photos and some cameras (I'm looking at you Sony) charge you an additional $10 to unlock that ability. Geotagging using your phones GPS is also an option and the Unleashed works with the most popular cameras from Nikon and Canon. Check out the full list and more at their kickstarter page.   


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