Announced - Canon EOS C100 Mark II

Canon has updated the C100 camera with a new C100 Mark II featuring a now standard dual pixel AF system, higher resolution OLED display, 60fps at 1080p, as well as GPS & Wifi functionality.

While these are all welcome updates, expect image quality to be very similar and the overall camera package is almost identical before save for a new viewfinder and onboard mic. Unfortunately while this does represent an upgrade to a great camera, the minor update after 2 years in the field leaves many aspects of the C100 still behind the competition. With standard SD card slots, the C100 Mark II is limited to 1080p recording at only 24Mbps for example while other cameras can output 4k and/or 100+Mbps. However the overall ergonomics of the C100 Mark II including built in ND filters and XLR inputs are still going to appeal to many videographers. 

Check out the full details and preorder today for $5499 and availability in December:
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